DD Halpern

Accomplished creative copywriter with expertise in advertising, marketing, and public relations. Adept at creating copy/content for ads, articles, blog posts, brochures, corporate communications, direct mail, email campaigns, flyers, online and print newsletters, press releases, product sell sheets/listing descriptions, SEO, social media, technical materials, and website landing pages. DD is a flexible thinker with exceptional writing, copyediting, proofreading, and project management abilities. She is highly skilled at interviewing subject matter experts and translating complex concepts into engaging results-driven copy/content.

Articles and Websites

Sprout Mortgage

For this project the client, a leading mortgage company, needed web content highlighting their service areas: cash-out refinancing, traditional refinancing, and home purchases. There was a tight deadline to deliver content, which I worked through the weekend to meet. As a result, I received a glowing review from the Digital Marketing Manager: "DD is a fantastic writer. Recently we had project with a very short delivery window, she worked hard and delivered quality work on time. I wouldn't think of anybody else when we need content."

Moving in a New Direction: Water Conservation & Demand in South Africa Mining Industry

South Africa’s water resources are under stress from increased urbanization and increased industrial and domestic water use driving greater demand. The availability of “new,” clean water is threatened by this growing demand which, if left unchecked, could lead to a national water crisis. As a result, the South African government’s Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) is challenging the high-water-demand mining industry to re-assess the way it uses and manages water in its industry. To write this project profile I interviewed the subject matter expert who is based in South Africa. I found this subject area fascinating to write about.